In year 2004 visualisation software of operational atmosphere and ocean forecasts for the Baltic Sea was developed by Institute of Numerical Modelling as proprietary information system FIMAR - national operational oceanographic service. Initially it was an operational service to Coastal Guard of Latvian Navy. Further a subregional OO model for waters of Latvian jurisdiction was established. The development has been continuous since then - widening the scope of end users and delivering regular upgrades of FIMAR system and its users manuals. The present end users of FIMAR information system are: Marine Search and Rescue Coordination Centre Riga (under Latvian Coast guard), Hydrometeorology and Geoinformation department of HQ of Latvian Armed Forces, HQ of Latvian Ground Force, HQ of Latvian Air Force, HQ of Latvian Navy, Fleet of Latvian Navy. Service includes operational modeling of waters of Latvian jurisdictions, regular delivery of forecasts. Software includes functionality of visualisation, animation, decision support in resource allocation, route planning, search and rescue operations. It includes module for modeling of the fate of marine pollution (oil, chemical) and floating objects. FIMAR's drift modelling interface has been successfully implemented for decision support in search and rescue opperations and combating of oil and other chemicals pollution in the Baltic sea since its initial version in 2004. The existing version of drift solver is updated in 2008-2010 and is not open to public due to sensitive content of the users.