We focus on the Baltic Sea. Our aim is to show that it is closer and more important than we usually think.

The project is planned to promote oceanographical data flows. Besides that our team wants to pay attention to the Baltic Sea.

We find that we remember about it too rarely.

Every two weeks a question will be posted regarding the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Riga. The author of the most precise answer is going to be awarded. In case the organizers do not recieve the answer to the question that can be awarded (in situation when all of the recieved answers are incorrect) the organizers of the contest can decide to award the best of incorrect answers or publish the new question earlier - without two week interval.

Everybody is invited to participate in the "Present the Present" contest. The question of the contest is posted in the projects landing page at least twice per month. The Contest promotion takes place on 22nd November, 2018. One week is offered for looking for the most appropriate answer of the each question. 50 questions are planned in total.

The author of the best answer ( recieved via e-mail present.the.present.UL@gmail.com in time) is awarded.